Microcurrent Therapy

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Microcurrent therapy is relatively new to the equine industry and this is the first portable unit of its kind! When the unit is properly applied, a small amount electrical current continuously flows from one electrode to the other through the treatment area. The horse does NOT feel any sensation during the treatment because the currents are approximately the same level as the normal electrical exchanges in the body’s cellular system (49 µA micro-amps). Microcurrent therapy helps restore homeostasis to the cellular system, meaning the therapy targets injured cells and promotes healing within those cells. Healthy cell metabolism creates a healthy and pain free internal environment. The average user has a noticeable decrease in pain in less than 24 hours.

These units last for around 200 hours and then can be discarded. Kit includes: 1 microcurrent unit, 4 sets of reuseable electrodes, 1 tube of conductive gel.

For more information including usage instructions and case studies click here to view or download pdf file.